Wilhelm Domke-Schulz, born in 1956, studied film dramaturgy as well as film and television studies at the Film University „Konrad Wolf“ in Potsdam-Babelsberg. He initially worked as a freelance dramaturg for feature and documentary films in Berlin, Potsdam and Leipzig. In 1991, he became a freelance producer and has since been managing the production company Domke-Schulz-Film near Leipzig. At the same time, he is a university lecturer for media studies.  

Domke-Schulz has so far produced over seventy films directed by himself, mainly reports and historical documentaries for public broadcasting as well as artistic documentaries such as „Life at a Standstill: A Middle East Diary“ (award-winning in Chicago 2003) or „Krimreise“ (awarded 2018 in St. Petersburg). 

In 2019 he also made his debut as a book author with „Werner’s Wondrous Journey through the GDR“. 

Filmography (selection)


2019 „Remember Odessa“, 88 min, about the tragedy of Odessa on 02 May 2014
„Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF)“ India (2020)
Official Selection, film festival ‚The Sea Calls!‘ in St. Petersburg, Russia (2019)

2018 „Crimean Journey“, 84 mins
Prize: „For objective journalism, film festival ‚The Sea Calls!‘ in St. Petersburg, Russia (2018)

2012 „Rauhmannstag“, 97 mins, „Ghetto Boxer“ in East Germany

2003 „Kino, Kino, Kino“, 53 mins, The oldest cinema in Germany turns 100

2002 „Life at a standstill – A Middle East diary“, 48 mins
Prize: „Silver Plaque Investigative Reporting/ News Documentary“ Chicago International Television Awards 2003

2000 „Que linda es Cuba“, 57 mins, German architects explore Cuba

Television documentaries

2015 „Fate of the war child – trace of the ancestors“, 30 mins, MDR TV-Channel

2013 „Trace of the ancestors – Abducted by Stalin’s henchmen“, 30 mins, MDR TV-Channel

2012 „The Secret of the Counter Mountains“, 30 mins, MDR TV-Channel

2000 „About life in the Tollensetal“, 45 mins, NDR TV-Channel

1999 „The country needs new ways – long-term documentation“, 4×30 mins, MDR TV-Channel

2012 „Free ride for free cyclists?“, 30 mins, MDR TV-Channel

2009 „My Indian adventure“, God and the world, 30 mins, ARD TV-Channel

2007 „Josè – The angel of Mallorca – German pensioners in need“, 30 mins, NDR TV-Channel

2006 „With grandma to Bessarabia“, 30 mins, MDR TV-Channel

2005 „Under Water through the English Channel“, 30 mins, MDR TV-Channel

2004 „The unknown sister – Reunion in Israel“, 30 mins , MDR TV-Channel

2004 „The prisoners of Bethlehem“, 30 mins, nah_dran MDR TV-Channel                   

2004 „Israel/West Bank – Youth in the Middle East“, 2×5 mins, MDR TV-Channel

2003 „Captured in Bethlehem“, 15 mins, WDR/ARD TV-Channel, Bethlehem in April 2002

2002 „Under the Star of Bethlehem“, 30 mins, RAI TV-Channel

2001 „Under the Star of Bethlehem“, 30 mins, nah_dran, MDR TV-Channel

1999 „German beer from the West Bank“, 5 mins, MDR TV-Channel

1994 „Bethlehem, Christmas“ 1994, 30 mins, ORB TV-Channel