In the winter of 2014, mass protests rock the Ukrainian capital. At the end of February the violence escalates. Embittered street battles between demonstrators and police forces cost over 100 lives on both sides. President Yanukovych is overthrown. Radical Ukrainian nationalists seize the power in Kiev.

The overthrow triggers major protests in the east and south of Ukraine. The Russian minority does not recognise the Ukrainian nationalist government. Odessa becomes an important centre of civil resistance. Tens of thousands of people protest week after week against the illegitimate regime in Kiev. 

A decision is about to be made in the spring. On May 2nd, 2014 several hundreds of radical nationalists storm the protest camp. The government opponents flee to the trade union building behind it. There, dozens of them become victims of flames, poison gas and brutal thugs. They die an excruciating death.

Since then every year, always on May 2nd, thousands of people on the Kulikovo Field in front of the union building remember the unforgotten victims of Odessa. At the same time Ukrainian nationalists march through the streets of the city and celebrate their „Victory Day“. The murderers of Odessa are still out of prison today.

The film „Remember Odessa“ looks into the deeply wounded soul of the torn city. The camera observes exactly the moment when nationalistic murderers and bereaved mourners of their brutally murdered victims meet in a confined space. Face to face. On the day of the tragedy. On 02 of May 2014. And four years later. On 02 May 2018. In the centre of Odessa and on the Kulikovo Field in front of the trade union building. At the site of a terrible crime that has not been atoned for until now.